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Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada, 2nd Edition, CCH Canadian Ltd., 2012 (with Michael Deturbide).

Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada, 2nd Edition is a definitive resource on Internet and e-commerce law from Canada’s leading IT law experts, Teresa Scassa and Michael Deturbide.With a Foreword written by Justice Thomas Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada, this latest edition’s extensive coverage addresses the vast changes that have taken place in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.Highlights in the new edition include:

* New Copyright Act amendments

* Trademark issues online

* Online contracting, including browse wrap agreements

* Personal information protection in the private sector

* Software and e-business patents

* Consumer protection online

* Canada's new anti-spam legistlation

* Online Anonymity

* Regulation of online speech

* Intermediary liability

* Web-based competition

* Internet domain names

* Jurisdictional issues

Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada, CCH Canadian Ltd., 2004 (with Michael Deturbide).

This book is the first (and only) Canadian treatise on e-commerce and internet law. It covers a range of topics which include electronic contracts, online consumer protection, data protection and privacy, internet domain names and trademark law, copyright law and the internet, software and e-business patents, the regulation of online speech, and jurisdiction and the internet. Since it was published in 2004, much has changed in this area of law. We are currently working on a second edition of the book, which we hope will be published in 2012.

 Canadian Trademark Law, LexisNexis (Butterworths) Canada, Inc., 2010.

This book is a treatise on Canadian trademark law. While a primary focus of the book is necessarily the Trade-marks Act, a number of other statutes are considered, as well as the extensive body of common law relating to trademarks. The book aims to provide a solid grounding in the basic principles of trademark law, while at the same time exploring some of the contemporary challenges in this area of law. These challenges are brought about by the international movement towards harmonization of norms and procedures, as well as phenomena such as the internet and electronic commerce, the growing problem of counterfeiting, and the use of trademarks in critical and parodic expression.

Canadian Trademark Law

Published in 2015 by Lexis Nexis

Canadian Trademark Law 2d Edition

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Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada, 2nd Edition

Published in 2012 by CCH Canadian Ltd.

Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada

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Intellectual Property for the 21st Century

Intellectual Property Law for the 21st Century:

Interdisciplinary Approaches

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